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, it is hard to believe that d.c. is one of the most exciting restaurants cities on the east coast. one restaurant is gting a lot of attention in chinatown. two others -- brandon skall of d.c. brau brewery and bill butcher of port city brewing in alexandria. you do not just play a chef on tv. tell us about your background. >> i have been cooking my whole life. i traveled around the east coast with some of the top chef in the country. i am working as an executive chef and that just opened my own place. >> looking at your biography in philadelphia and here, you build up your resonate wh many different kinds of cuisine. what made you decide to go back granma's food? >> i started thinking about where i was going to take my kids that would remind me of childhood. i s inspired to years ago. i have a lot of food and i have changed it up a bit and it evolved it. >> i have been outside the restaurant but i have noteen inside. it seems like a really cool and urban. >> you could definitely take your three kids. have pizza and pasta. growing up in italian familily, the pasta and meatballs are real
, that goes late tonight for the entire d.c. metro area. watch those roads. when we see the storms come through. here is a look at the risk for severe weather. it has been yellow that includes us, the mid-atlantic states, the main threat being damaging wind gusts and heavy rains. it could be potentially dangerous today. highs today because of the clouds, not too hot around mid- 80s for d.c. 80 in mar tinsburg. culpepper warming up to 86 degrees. here's angie with your traffic. >. hello, everybody. welcome to the 6:00 hour. it is friday and outside, we've got the yellow light on. we're dealing with some issues early on. let's begin in northwest d.c. where we do have crews on the scene of a fire. this is out on u street near 13th street. the fire, we're being told, has taken place over at steve's liquor store. obviously a big police and fire rescue presence out there. we're being told obviously they're taking away lanes as needed. asking drivers to avoid this part of u street near 13th. no telling how long they plan to be out there. let's move it over to our maps and show you how other pa
'm will thomas. tonight police across the d.c. region are searching for a 7- month-old boy who disappeared in baltimore friday and has not been seen since. investigators say the child may be with 16-year-old joe in a boozer who has ties to d.c., prince -- jonae boozer who has ties to d.c., montgomery and prince george's county. >> reporter: charlie byrne was at home with his 7-month-old son -- charlie birch was at home with his 7-month-old son who jonae boozer stopped off and asked for bo. birch says when he went to get her some food -- asked for food. birch says when he went to get a cigarette, she took off with his son. charles birch is living a nightmare. he says jonae boozer walked away with his 7-month-old son friday and disappeared without a trace. >> i'm scared. people say expect for the worst. i don't want to expect that. she stole my son. what's her motive? >> reporter: barbara streeter says she was just with her little cousin ki'yauhn and his mother whitney mcgee at a july 4th picnic. she says mcgee and other relatives spent the day hanging up flyers with ki'yauhn's picture on th
, the entire area you see in green which does include the d.c. area starting at noon today through late tonight. we can get some really good downpours with the system. here is a look at the risk for severe weather. the main threat from the storms late this afternoon, early evening, damaging wind gusts and the heavy rain which is why we had the flash flood watch in effect. highs for today around 86 degrees in d.c. 86 in leesburg. 82 in winchester. temperaturewise, not all that warm. right around seasonal if not just a little bit cooler than average. here is a look at your traffic with angie. >> thank you, anny. happy friday, everybody. not too much going on on the traffic front. we start with the green light. we want to begin by taking you out to branch avenue where as promised, i want to let you know it is closed at pennsylvania avenue right now until about 5:00 because of construction. there is a detour in place. that's what you're going to want to follow to get around it early this morning. bw parkway, happy to report things have reopened near 197 following an early morning accident. we've g
fire that hurt four d.c. firefighters is due in court today. investigators arrested 26-year- old maurice dues of northeast, washington on wednesday. he's charged with setting fire to a vacant home on 48th place in northeast in april. four firefighters were hospitalized. authorities believe dues also set other fires around the district and maryland. >>> d.c. fire investigators are trying to determine what caused a popular liquor store to go up in flames this morning. a passerby saw fire shooting from the u wine and beer shop on 13th and u streets. the two story building houses a martial arts dance studio. most of the damage was concentrated on the first floor business. >>> pretty significant fire. called for a precautionary second alarm. it was somewhat laborrence tensive for the -- labor- intensive for the firefighters to get to the structure. it took about 15 to 20 minutes. >> fire investigators say this is an older building that sustained significant damage. the owners believe it could have been electrical. >>> still to come when the news continues, a bill signed by maryland's
for repairs. >>> new tonight if pepco can't keep your lights on, it could cost them from now on. the d.c. public service commission adopted new rules a allowing them to fine the utility $100,000 each time pepco fails to meet tough new standards. they also want pepco to find out why some neighborhoods suffer outages even when the weather is not a factor. >> it's expensive. i had to one time clean out a whole freezer full of food, meat, vegetables, cakes, homemade goodies all gone. >> we've set some goals based on the kind of performance that we've seen among other utilities, among their peers, and the company is expected to achieve those goals. we believe that they are achievable, but it's going to take some work and require some improvements in our system. >> the d.c. council still has to sign off on the $100,000 fine. if you would like to weigh in, the public service commission will be taking public comments through august 22nd. >>> liftoff, the final liftoff of atlantis. >> tonight the space shuttle atlantis is in orbit. people from around the world watched as it successfully launched
at noon this afternoon. goes through late tonight. that includes the entire d.c. metro area. the portion of the mid-atlantic in fact. here is a look at live doppler. fairly quiet out there. scattered light showers up to the north of us. we're under cloudy skies. much different picture late this afternoon. in fact, here is a look at the risk for severe weather. the areas we see here shaded in yellow. a good portion of the mid- atlantic. the main threat for today, damaging wind gusts, even some wet microbursts are a possibility at the worst of it and some heavy rain. locally heavy downpours are possible. so, watch out for flash flooding. dangerous on the roadways later today. here is a look at the future cast to show you what this model will be happening. it is cloudy conditions. this afternoon, some scattered showers and storms going through. they become more numerous and widespread as you get on through late this afternoon around 4:00, 5:00. we've got storms coming through. this evening as well through 9:00. again, before 9:00 is the critical period. look at the storms here. mason mason-
from tying that. no 100s today, that's the good news, right? live doppler radar in the d.c. area and around the beltway, it is dry. but john mccain showers and storms, generally south of us we may see storms popping up. right now we are fairly quiet but you can see to the west and south, these storms tracking closer and closer to basically the coast. so if you're south of town, may see some -- you may see some thunderstorms coming through. keep your eyes to the sky if you're heading out for dinner right now. still hot out there, 96 in downtown, 93 in leesburg. hagerstown 91 and cumberland cooling down in the upper 80s. we factor in those dew points and the humidity, it feels like mid-90s in downtown. so for the rest of this evening, if you've got dinner plans, not a bad night, clear skies and mild, an isolated storm possible and generally south of town lows will be 65 to 75 degrees. i've got your full seven-day forecast coming up a little bit later. back to you, bruce. >> thanks, annie. >>> in norway today, several of the country's best-known artists performed at a memorial conc
on the board now? it was washington, d.c., but right now the most humid spot in the whole country is right in new york city and that's why those areas, like d.c. and new york have the highest heat index today. it still feels like 94 in central park as you walk outside to start your morning. 88 in boston. it feels like 93 in d.c. without the sun, and that's only equalled by st. louis there and equalled there in the dallas area. today we have the heat warnings in place, that's well advertised all the way from coastal maine down to iryas of coastal north carolina. and back through the midwest. areas that are getting a break today, from detroit northwards up there michigan, you've cooled off. your humidity levels are a little lower. all of upstate new york and vermont and new hampshire, your humidity levels have dropped too along with our friends from the wisconsin and minnesota area. as far as temperatures go, this is just temperature. one thing people don't realize is the temperature's taken in the shade. if you're in the sun it's much hotter than this. in the shade, 100 from boston, hartfor
, the suspect was critically hurt. >>> a d.c. police officer on the other side of the law. officerulary seay is charged with sexually assaulting many women. he was indicted on nine counts. he's accused of approaching the women on the streets armed with the service weapon and ordering him to follow a secluded area where he threatened to arrest them before assaulting them. >>> the news edge on maryland. this man is accused of carjacking the child at a baltimore station and leading police on a high-speed chase. the mother made a daring escape rolling out of the car with a 20-month-old baby. forly they're okay. karen gray houston is live with more where the suspect is being held. >> reporter: he's from baltimore, 22 years old and is in a lot of trouble tonight and is facing chars that rainfall from kidnapping to assault and to alluding police and had the- and-run. he surrendered after abducting a woman and her baby at a gas station convenience store in baltimore around 10:00 last night and taking them for a wild ride. employees at the citgo station on edmonton avenue -- trying to steal potato ch
in the street. one of the guys is a d.c. cop. >>> good saturday. i'm craig melvin. in this age of cell phone camera and youtube, it seems like there's a record of everything. when a fight broke out at adams morgan last month someone was rolling. this fight is getting a lot of play because down of the guys is a d.c. cop. >> hundreds of thousands of people have watched that video online. some are questioning the officer's actions but we talked to one bartender down here who knows the cap and he's taking his side. this video of a d.c. police officer taking down a man in adams morgan has gone viral on the internet. more than 300,000 people have watched it. it shows a man in a white tank top circling police officers in a crowd, egging on a fight. at one point the officer appears to take a fighting stance and then tackles the man as the crowd goes wild. house member jim graham represents adams morgan and he says he does not fault the officers who were being taunted but he has asked the d.c. police to look into the incident. >> we can either reduce the night live or we can increase the police or we
: -- melanie alnwick has more. >> reporter: like it or not d.c. is a government town and though it's been working to wean itself from uncle sam, the end of the line got closer. >> i think in greater washington this has the potential to be the big one. >> reporter: business leaders from d.c., maryland and virginia are trying to make contingency plans. it's not just local governments that are in a spot. all businesses are concerned. >> what effect will that have on our consumer interest rates, credit card rates? we don't know. there's so much uncertainty. >> reporter: no deal could knock the district of columbia to its knees financially. >> yes. everything they do on the hill affects us. >> reporter: the city's chief financial officer warned a possible rationing of services and the return of the control board. >> if we have no cash flow because you would not be able to pay the capayments to metro or payroll, et cetera, i hope that's really removed, but that is one thing we have to keep in mind here. >> reporter: either deal has deep spending cuts that will leave future holes in local budget
now the ramp at 121 is still closed. >>> d.c. police arrested a third man in the murder of robert foster jr. the 43-year- old was shot to death on gresham road northwest june 25th just after the caribbean festival parade wrapped up. three others were wounded. today police arrested 19-year- old terrance bush of northeast. two others also face murder charges. >>> also in d.c. city council about to address an issue that's at the center of a lawsuit, the ability to own a handgun. it is legal, but right now you can't get it registered. fox 5's matt ackland in the newsroom with more. >> here's the problem at hand. there are no businesses that sell handguns in d.c. so you have to buy them out of state and then go through the process of transferring them to d.c. well, one transfer business in d.c. went out of business several months ago. so this new legislation on the table tomorrow will force the d.c. government to step in and act as a transferring agency. it was an order from the supreme court. district residents had the right to own handguns even though district law at the time said th
>>> this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >>> fox 5 is all over three big stories, a d.c. officer accused of attacking several women while armed and in full union form. >>> a quick run to the gas station turns into a terrifying trip from baltimore to bethesda, tonight the mother who jumped out of a moving car to save her child tells her story. >>> plus a new texting tragedy, a passenger falls into the tracks. tonight the man who saved her life is talking exclusively to fox 5. >>> but we begin tonight with that officer under arrest. good evening, everyone. i'm laura evans in tonight for brian. >> i'm shawn yancy. three women all accusing the same officer of sexually assaulting them, his arrest marking the 18 times this year an mpd officer has been busted. that's the same number arrested in all of last year. fox 5's bob barnard starts us off tonight. >> guys, in this most recent case a grand jury has charged a d.c. police officer with sexually assaulting three women over a four-year period ending last july and intimidating them with the threat of arrest. here's what we know about the office
kartalija. the discovery of 7-month-old ki'yauhn birch. police found the baby in washington, d.c. wjz is live at police headquarters. mike hellgren has more. >> reporter: the baby went to a hospital in d.c., got checked out. he's in good health. the mystery is why this teenager would want to take him. >> it's a 7-month-old baby. you know where she's at. >> reporter: this mother's prayers were answered after police found her missing baby by ki'yauhn birch alive and okay. he disappeared from his home an friday. and was found in d.c. along with the teenager to hook him, jonae boozer. the baby's father said he had never seen boozer until friday until she came to their house claiming to be a friend of a friend. last night emotion ran high at a rally for the baby's safe return. >> i'm pleading for someone to call. >> reporter: police have not said why they believe boozer may have taken the baby or where she kept him over the weekend. city detectives are questioning her right now. she is also in good health. reporting from headquarters, mike hellgren. >> city police are consulting with the s
arsonist arrested for a spree of fires. among the most destructive was fire in northeast that njured five d.c. firefighters. these are the charred emains of an april fire that hters. five d.c. firefig some severe . police believe they have the man responsible not only for others in ut eight maryland. t from waking ghter came everybody up saying there is a fire. he house is on fire. >> 26-year-old maurice dews was seen at several of the fires first on cases was location always seen snapping video taping the the firefighters fighting them. at ust sit there and look at six flags on a roller coaster get allege thrill out of it. -- getting a thrill out of it. think he has a mental problem. he tried to run away from the afternoonist. detained and ally questioned by police officers ut always denied any involvement. during one intergation he became defensive and slammed and told on the table the officer you don't know what i'm capable of. ince being arrested he admitted to starting at least nine. most were just blocks from his ome. > it could have been our house. you know, it could have been . n
branch trail. hi, guys, good morning. we have a d.c. chapter leader of the guardian angels, john aial la to talk about what you guys will be doing. >> between 6:00 and 9:00, we'll have guardian angels on bikes patrolling between franklin and l on this bike path. we already patrol it on tuesday and wednesday nights from 6:00 to 8:00. now, we'll increase our patrols to the a.m. hours twice a week as well. >> reporter: the reason being is because the two recent attacks happened in the morning. yesterday at 9:30. friday at 8:15. really a scary situation when this bike trail is so inviting and it is also inviting crime. >> definitely inviting crime. the reason why is because it is an isolated area. not a lot of people that's on the bike path in the morning but there are a few. the bad guys know that it is easy. i can come in and attack someone. i can rob them and get off quickly before the police get here. so, that's the reason why we want to bring guardian angels on the bike path in the morning to splay make the with women that's walking the bike path to the new york avenue metro train so th
sure there's flashlight and candles on each floor and your food starts to melt. >> reporter: the d.c. public service commission just adopted some tough new reliability standards for pepco and they're prepared to start fining the utility $100,000 each time they fail to meet them. >> the standards that we adopted this week and will go into effect within the next week are designed to provide pepco with the incentive to operate its system and provide the level of reliability that we expect. >> reporter: penalties are the only option to get pepco to improve performance. >> we have already put the company on notice that we are going to look at their reliability the next time that they seek a change in their rates. >> reporter: pepco president thomas graham released this statement following the action. it says, "pepco is working hard to improve service reliability and through our reliability enhancement plan we have dedicated over a quarter billion dollars to achieve that goal. we believe in reliability standards that are fair and achievable." residents like forsyth says it's time pepco had
>>> hello, i'm bruce johnson and thank you for joining us this saturday. at this hour, d. c. place in large numbers -- police in large numbers are trying to control the streets in adams morgan from big crowds. it's a crackdown launched after business owners and residents demanded that order be restored in the district. ken molestina is live in the streets right now. what are you seeing? >> reporter: bruce, the extra added police presence is certainly being felt out here but now the business owners and those who live along the area are hoping that presence is here for the long haul. ♪ the sounds. and sights along the streets of at ams morgan are getting a much-needed overhaul. recent crime in the area and pressure from community leaders has forced police to step up patrol here. joshua works the door security at the black squirrel and says he's seen the dangers in adams morgan at the hands of people who come here purposely looking for trouble. >> you see everything, you see theft, see people getting beat up. see people get taken advantage of. >> reporter: the start of operation ada
been shot in the head. >> [ bleep ] around here. i want to leave d.c., i don't like it. >> reporter: ward 1 councilman jim graham admits the streets have had ongoing problems. >> parkwood place has been improving, but this is one of those notorious blocks that has had a lot of problems for many years. >> reporter: graham says he's learned that the three victims may have been playing craps. people who live in this neighborhood say it happens all the time along this street. >> i've seen people play craps. they play all the time, and all around the world. >> we don't have anything if we don't have safety. >> reporter: celia jones has lived here for six years. >> the violence in this neighborhood has been directly to the use and sale of crack cocaine. >> reporter: she's a community advocate, but says the violence is so bad, she's afraid. >> what's needed is solid police work, solid investigations by detectives to root out organized crime, gang crime, including drug deals. >> reporter: those that know the victims of this latest violent act didn't want to talk on camera, but they say it's
>>> we begin with a heat alert for the washington, d.c. area. hello, i'm j.c. hayward. thanks for being with us. the national weather service has issued a heat advisory until 8:00 tonight. our anny hong joins us with a look at the forecast. >>> j.c., yeah, feels very ugly out there. we would call this even gross weather. crazy heat out there! it just feels heavy. so, if you can, just take it easy today or even sit close to the air conditioning. here is a look at our day planner for this tuesday. all right, warming up very quickly. temperatures by 3:00, 97 degrees. also, a slight chance for some isolated storms this afternoon. continuing through this evening, some could be severe or heavy. by 9:00, only cooling down to around the lower 90s. we may see some clouds increasing. here is a look at the heat advisory from noon until 8:00 p.m. areas shaded in orange. most of the d.c. area you see here. heat index values expected. 100 to 105 once you factor in the humidity. just how hot is it out there right now? it is already at 90 degrees in downtown. 86 in martinsburg. but what does
and in h.d., this abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. >> we begin with a developing story. d.c. police are searching for suspects in a triple shooting in columbia heights that left two men dead and one man in critical condition. we've been tracking the investigation and mike joins us from headquarters with the latest mike? >> around 5:50 a.m. d.c. police said they got a call of a reported shooting at parkwood place, several blocks north of the dcua shopping center and the metro heights station. the victims all appeared to be adults in their 20's and 30's. as for suspect investigators have not yet released an official description. but jim graham says two black men were seen to be running from the scene of the crime. >> first it sounded like a big firecracker, one shot. and then i heard a lot of them. i rolled down and hit the floor. >> she says she's lived on this block in columbia heights for 40 years and nothing like this has ever happened before. >> i woke my daughter up. she said, mom, what's going on? i said get on the floor. >> witnesses say they heard
of d.c. superior court. he used a fake i.d. to escape and now changes might be coming up to lock up. fox 5s roz plater starts us off tonight. >> reporter: after just 24 hours on the run, james brewer accompanied by his lawyer, turned himself in to u.s. marshals and you might be surprised to learn that no one is more relieved the father of four is back in custody than his mother. >> in my heart, i believed he was going to turn himself in. i kept saying over and only, have an though i ain't talked to him, i kept saying over and over he's going to turn himself in. he got kids and loves them. >> reporter: the 24-year-old suspect simply walked out of d.c. superior court on friday, even though he was arrested and charged with first-degree murder while armed. and sources tell fox 5 he exchanged i.d. bracelets with another prisoner while in the courthouse cell block. the other prisoner was charred with a misdemeanor and using the false identity to escape. >> terribly unusual. >> reporter: we asked the former prosecutor to weigh-in and he said on any given day, the lockup houses as many as $
>>> excessive force or self-defense. the debate over a video of a d.c. police officer confronting a man in one of the ho district's hottest neighborhoods. good morning and welcome to news 4 today. i'm aaron gilchrist. it is sunday, july 10th. first, though, a check on today's forecast with meet rolls chuck bell. we're starting off a little bit warmer than we were this time yesterday. >> just a touch. a lot of outlining areas have cooled off. here in downtown we have held into the mid-70s thanks toft extra heat we had yesterday afternoon. made it to 92 degrees yesterday. it will be every bit that warm this afternoon, maybe a degree or two higher than that. if you spent any time at all outside yesterday you know what a nice day it was as far as humidity is concerned. not all that terribly humid. here is your live picture, scanning over washington looking for the rising sun. are we going to find it? i know it's up. let's put it that way. there it is. 5:52 was the sunrise, nine else ago. el sol rising in the east. beautiful picture there. 75 downtown. as a mentioned, a lot of western
in northeast d.c. you can see him speaking to a detective and a child of the arms and a medic. as you can see, he is on injured and had been well cared for. he is thankful for that, but not ready to forgive. >> she said that this was hers. >> that is your theory. at this point, there is no official word on why this happened. as for the 16-year-old, police will only say the decision will be made by the state's attorney. since she is a juvenile, it is very likely that she will be granted some protection. she will be granted her privacy as she moves to the criminal justice system. >>> it is the news that the offense have been waiting to hear. the players and the owners struck a deal and the nfl season has been officially saved. we have reaction to this deal. >> all 32 team representatives voted unanimously to end a lockout this afternoon after 4.5 months. fans are excited and local jurisdictions are excited. maryland would have lost $40 million in tax revenue if the season were canceled. fans literally it waited fadeaway, glad to see it finally come to an end. >> there is so much money out there
. beautiful sunshine but don't let that d.c. view. it will be an active afternoon and evening with the thunderstorm is developing around lunchtime. we have a flash flood watch that will take place this afternoon into tonight for the majority of our viewing area. rainfall rates will be on the order of 2 inches per hour and that could lead to some flash flooding. we will see showers and thunderstorms increase and become heavy and more widespread. some storms could become severe. high temperatures today are in the mid 8-80's. there will be a lot of sunshine for the weekend >>> 66 eastbound coming out of gainesville into manassas, allow yourself extra time. there was a minor crash that was moved onto the shoulder. there is normal travel time between richmond and baltimore. this is live of the beltway at central avenue. >>> we could be just hours away from the final flight of the space shuttle program. this is contingent upon whether the weather holds up. this is a live picture from cape canaveral where atlantis is scheduled to launch at 11:26 this morning. there is a 70% no go for
this approach will let crews finish the ntsb recommended track safety improvements by june of 2012. >>> both d.c. firefighters and police officers are upset over a new program that forces the fire department to help fight crime. for the past three weeks, d.c. fire and ems personnel have been parking their trucks at high crime neighborhoods. city officials say they just want firefighters to call 911 if they see suspicious activity. the d.c. police union and firefighters union, they both say the plan is not safe. >>> it's to prevent things from bubbling up. the idea is that if you have a fire apparatus engine with adults there, no one is going to commit a crime. >> i think it's a disaster. you're putting untrained, unsupervised, unequipped firefighters in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in town to perform a law enforcement function. >> the president of the firefighters union released a statement saying, quote, i am concerned that this is a knee-jerk reaction to what is a serious problem that is clearly a police matter and not a fire department problem. right now the mayor's office says th
. baltimore, 99 and the winds are from the south across the potomac and kept d.c. cooler but not with the heat index and this is really what gets you. it feels like 112 in the city, feels like 114 for fredericksburg and earlier this afternoon, it felt like about 117 and that still looks like no relief is until next week. she was at the zoo yesterday and dupont circle and the last time we had dupont as a weather background, it was a facebook fight. >> they seemed to have cancelled the flash mob for today. i can't understand why and you know, and i'm seeing a lot of people that look debrag -- bedragelled and that is one of the things i love, is that hey also look like they have energy. there is also always something fun to see. the bank trust thermometer showing us 106 degrees. that is warm and i all bring my group truth. my thermometer is picking up a degree of 99. i wanted to also talk about why the heat is terriblyup comfortable and that is the high humidity and to show you what we're talking about and that is the true measure of humidity. if we tell you it's 60 to 64, that is not great and
events. what they have [ female announcer ] welcome to busch gardens williamsburg where d.c. goes to get away. maybe it's because washington d.c. loves the legendary coasters. or that your entire family will have fun, even the little ones. it could be that water country usa has more of the waves, slides and rides everyone wants. so plan your getaw and come play. you never know who you'll run into. get started at >> police are investigating a hit and run that sent a teenage boy to the hospital with life- threatening injuries. he was writing his bike on the alabama avenue in was hit by a car and driver sped away. >> told the victim was sent to an area hospital with life- threatening injuries in critical condition. officials say it happened at this intersection behind me at alabama avenue next to the giant shopping center. they say it happened around 11:30. i just spoke a short time ago with the gunman who said he is a friend of the victim and witness what happened. they said there were riding their bikes with th
year to government cost. stock-index futures indicating a flat open for stocks this morning. a d.c. area doctors' group is saying that high stocks are just as bad for you as a pack of cigarettes. more on that story coming up in the next hour. that is business news from bloomberg headquarters in new york, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. >>> 4:36 77 degrees. , still ahead, a health the happy meal. big change is coming to the golden arches. the redskins reached a deal with one star. and >>> wednesday morning 81 degrees at reagan national airport. comfortable temperatures across the area. a nice warm up later this morning. lowno fog. lisa baden will be here in a moment. in winchester, 68. in cumberland, 68, nothing on the satellite and radar. a few clouds right now. we will see that throughout the day time with a mixture of sunshine and clouds. temperatures will rebound to about 90 degrees. tonight, a few high clouds with nighttime lows in the 60's and low 70's. humidity cranking up a little tomorrow 89-93 degrees. the seven-day forecast in a few minute
glad to get to the door. >> cooling centers are set up in the d.c. region to help people. in arlington, abc 7 news reporting. >> the latest heatwave is the number one trending topic on our websites >>> media mogul rupert murdoch will be in the hot seat today. british lawmakers are set to question him, his son james and former executive rebekah's books about the phone hacking scandal engulfing his british newspapers. yesterday's the anti-terrorism chief resigns in london amid questions of the hiring of a former editor of the news of the world" tabloid's out. >>> ♪president obama wants a deal worth $4 trillion in spending cuts. the house is set to vote on a bill today on raising the debt ceiling, in exchange for huge budget cuts and spending cap. the president says he will veto. >>> later this morning california democrat dianne feinstein will unveil a bill to repeal the law requiring marriage between a man and the woman. a senate committee tomorrow will hold hearing on the current law and this bill. >>> it is game time for southwest airlines and not a happy ending for borders
that to happen to their child. >> now the fight for justice. three women versus a d.c. cop. we have the latest development on what is happening with the growing scandal. >>> in mills school was ransacked. police call it a hate crime. >>> casey anthony has a new problem on her hands. >>> and the harry potter mania. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> we begin with a prince george's county woman terrified. tonight, for the first time, she is speaking out. >> prosecutors announced that the attacker pled guilty, and she will testify against a woman that put her up to it. it is finally putting closure for petrino watts and her daughter. -- for katrina watts and her daughter. >> she likes to model. she will probably be an actress. she is very dramatic. she is very funny. she speaks to everyone. >> when anderson accosted them and threw acid at her and her 3- year-old daughter, time stopped. >> i could only cry because you do not want that to happen to your child. nobody wants that to happen to their child. i was not used to seeing her like that. my daughter was alway
nicely. green light inside the beltway at 295. looks good on the freeway and in northeast d.c. quite across the potomac river and the american legion bridge. headed out of leesburg and to get through reston and tysons, looks good. a good run of 28 between centreville and sterling. back to you. >> thank you. >>> congressional leaders are involved in some of the most heated conversations yet about the federal debt celing. >> president obama reportedly walked out of the meeting. karen travers has more. >> in the nation's capital, but temperatures are soaring and tempers are flaring. president obama sits down again today with congressional leaders after yesterday's meeting that was the most tense yet. president obama got into a heated exchange over delta's cuts with house minority leader eric cantor. eric cantor suggested a short- term increase to the nation's credit limit to avoid a default. a frustrated president obama issued a veto threat. don't call my bluff he said, and walked out of the meeting. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell issued his own warning to republicans. failure t
. there are some questions of cheating in d.c.'s schools. secondary math scores rose in every grade. the school with the biggest improvement is hospitality high school. one year, math scores jumped from 27% to 51%. >> we work hard. every day. >> the test scores, after allegations of cheating in some d.c. public schools. an investigation found dozens of schools had unusually high numbers of erasures. that is when wrong answers were changed to correct ones. the mayor called on the inspector general's office to finish the investigation. quickly. >>> time now for a check of the traffic situation. we have to expect that it is a bear tonight. >> every interstate dealing with heavier than usual delays. let's talk about the mess on 395 south. slobodan near quantico. a serious accident -- slow near quantico. heavier than usual delays on westbound 66. very heavy traffic between college park and northbound 270. old georgetown to college park and every interstate you are on, heavier than normal delays. >> thank you. coming that, should d.c. government get involved in gun sales? >> this week's working mothe
d.c. >>> and the d.c. region appears for dangerously high temperatures and a weeklong heat wave. "good morning washington at 6:00 a.m." begins right now. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. . 6:00 on this monday, july 18. i am jennifer donelan. >> i am pamela brown. thanks for waking up with us on this monday. traffic and weather every ten minutes. jim russ in a moment. we start with meteorologist adam caskey. heat is coming. >> respect is. the pleasant weather a is a thing of the past. -- the heat is coming. highs near the century mark by the end of this work week. a beautiful start today in frederick, 70 degrees with mostly clear skies. 73 in downtown d.c., 70 at dulles airport. 64 in manassas and culpeper, 66 incumbents 74 -- 66 in cumberland. >>> accident on new hampshire avenue at lockwood drive in the southbound direction, south of white oak. traffic getting by to the right with a brief delay. we will show you that we have an accident reported in prince george's county on route 50 eastbound near the interchange at
on their final day in the states. darcy? >>> we all know it can get pretty hot here in d.c., but is it really one of the hottest cities in the entire country? new research says, yes. i'll have the details coming up in a live report. >>> and on news 4 meet organization chuck bell another day in the heat today. the heat continues to build getting into monday and tuesday. be ready for it. my forecast is coming up. >>> the new york police department made an arrest at a break-in at the ed sullivan theater. a 22-year-old man smashed the theater's glash glass doors pried open a metal door and made his way into the lobby. charged with burglary and criminal mischief. it's home for "the late show with david letterman" where's taped. >>>ed duke and dutchors of cambridge are wrapping up their first official visit to the united states. they spent the day with a group of kids at inner city arts in los angeles. they talked with kids and made artwork of their own. up next a stop at service mission that helps military veterans finds jobs. >> they are the front line of a remarkable relationship between the united
for quite a while. luke? >> reporter: yes, doreen, certainly a scorcher of a day here in washington, d.c. weather-wise, and it was quite hot and testy inside the oval office today where the meeting took place at the white house. apparently today while there is a discussion of having a short-term solution to the debt limit brought up by house majority leader eric cantor, the president said, look, we're not going to do a short-term extension that would get us past the august 2nd deadline because i want to do a long-term solution to the debt ceiling which would then get us to 2013 year. eric cantor apparently the president told him, quote, eric, don't call my bluff. you know i'll take this to the american people. he then walked out. apparently before he said that at the meeting, he said would ronald reagan be sitting here? i've reached my limit. this may bring down my presidency but i'll not yield on this. president obama instructed the negotiators in the room that he would like this to be figured out by friday of this week. that's a very difficult deadline to make, but certainly a contenti
for you as we shoot over to d.c. d.c., your local roadways are looking excellent. back to you, pat and joe. >> thanks, danella. >>> now to the story that everybody will be talking about today, the dangerous heat. today we could reach record setting temperatures. the district is taking precautions. d.c. trash and recycling crews will pick up trash earlier than usual in order to avoid the extreme heat. the department of public works says it wants to protect the health of workers as much as possible. >> and tom is here to talk about the heat. it is going to get ugly today. >> it is the number one weather killer too. more fatalities from excessive heat than any other type of weather. we have quite likely temperatures getting near 100 degrees this afternoon. with that, with the high humidity it's going to feel like 106 from now to the late afternoon. right now it's pleasant. low to mid and upper 70s. 78 at reagan national. farther west and north, we're in the low to mid-70s. we have a partly cloudy sky now. we have temperatures out of the mountains in the 60s. upper 60s and low 70s. we have tho
degrees at night. we're at 82 in chicago. we're at 81 in washington, d.c., and look at our friends in dallas at 85 to start your morning. this map shows you the humidity. the darker the green, the more humid you are and the more uncomfortable it will be. these are the dew points. when you get something like 76 in d.c., that's a very humid air mass. that's more humid than new orleans, more humid than miami. even areas in the gulf have the humidity we have in d.c. and that means it's going to be a very uncomfortable afternoon. current heat index, 88 new york, these are temperatures not heat index, but the temperatures alone are near 100 in the midatlantic, 101 in dallas. today and tomorrow is the peak, and then we'll get a -- it will die off towards the weekend. >> way to go, bill. thank you. >>> wall street worries, an airline goes on a shopping spree and the end of a long successful partnership. your first look at this morning's business headlines is straight ahead. >>> coming up, a pair of black eyes for the white sox. the mets stand their ground and quite possibly the worst first
the child's day care called to say he was absent. >>> d.c. police have made a second arrest in the deadly shooting during last month's caribbean parade. deonte jay bryant of northwest d.c. is charged. officers picked him up yesterday. terry allen jimenez is also charged. he was arrested days after the june 25th shooting which killed innocent bystander 43-year-old robert foster jr. three others were also shot but they survived. >>> weather could delay the final shuttle mission scheduled for this friday. it will last 12 days and will deliver supplies to the international space station. as surae chinn tells us, the goddard's spaceflight center will have a crucial role in the final mission. >> three, two, one. >> i do a go, no go status of the network nine minutes before launch. >> jim will be overseeing communication of shuttle "atlantis" from greenbelt, maryland at the goddard spaceflight center. >> without our communications, they would not be able to speak to the astronauts, they would not be able to launch. >> pass along our congratulations. >> reporter: it is imaging and sounds like th
on the scene in hopes of learning the man's condition and d.c. police say the gunman took off and no one else was harped in the saw. >> we have shootings that take place from time to time and that is not the first we have had and i am sure not the last one. >> after the shooting, we're told the man ran into the barber shop behind me and he's going to survive, even though he was shot several times. at last check, the police had not made an real estate. >>> the news edge in d.c. now where police are looking for the suspect responsible for a rash of robberies and assaults on the metropolitan brang trail. the latest happened this morning of about 9:30. a man was riding his bike near the iter error errorth and edgewood traps had -- eighth and edgewood entrance when a man with a gun shot him. >>> it metro worker caught up in a prostitution sting returns to work for the transit agency. >>> and why the aclu is getting involved in dan snider's plight agains the city paper -- against the city paper. >>> and this memorial was dedicated in 1988. coming up, a ribbon cutting today to pay tribute to the uns
connell identified one of the clear paths to getting it. >> tom fit gerald tonight, the news edge on d.c. now. >>> a major shakeup at city hall. some couple members are stripped of the chairmanship. the question tonight, was it political revenge? karen gray houston. is there is a lot going on in the city and seems like petty politics should be the last think this on their mind. >> you would think that and what some council members are saying privately is kwame brown was exercising his power and yanked back the spot that tommy wells had and to punish him for taking the lead on ethics loopholes after the brown suv scandal. what happens next is, well, it's demoted to charge the committee on parks, libraries and recreation, which includes citywide planning and this old job goes to mary chay. murrual bowser bumped up the government operations and recently, lee elected vincent orange and takes up the newly named small and business development community. everyone is happy but wells who was head of public works and transportation for six months. wastes government time and resources. and that sets us
>>> i was just a total wreck. i mean i was in a bad shape mentally. >> a d.c. man says he was given a diagnosis no one would ever want to hear, told he was hiv positive, for five years he struggled to keep his life together but then he found out he never even had the virus. now he's suing. fox 5's roz plater spoke with him tonight. >> reporter: jerry hench said the nightmare actually began in 2000, the year he said he discovered his then girl friend was hiv positive. distraught he went to the wentland walker clinic to be tested and the clinic doctor told him he, too was hiv positive. >> i was a total wreck. i mean i was in a bad shape mentally and from there they actually sent me over to george washington university hospital and i spent some time there in the psych ward. >> reporter: in fact, hench said he was in and out of psych wards over the next five years. every few months he would go back to the clinic for testing and would be told he did need medication because his viral load was low. he became so depressed he even hoped he'd become the d.c. sniper's next victim. >> i actuall
in d.c., the average stands at $3.86. virginia sch cheaper with drivers paying $3.42. maryland is less expensive, as well, the average around $3.55. west virginia enjoying lower gas prices there, paying $3.58 to fill up. >>> a lot of folks are coming into the d.c. area, but just as many are leaving for the long weekend. thousands hit the beltway and i 95 yesterday. all those cars combined with construction caused some major backups. but when traffic clears up, be sure to watch your speed. virginia state police have extra troopers out making sure drivers are safe this holiday weekend. >>> it's 8:00 right now. be sure to head to our website, for a complete list of independence day events around town. that includes parading and fireworks shows. you can also check out which personal fireworks are legal where you live. it's all right there on our home page. >>> and fireworks could easily spark a wildfire and that's exactly why several cities have banned displays an sales this year. about a dozen states have drought conditions right now, many in the southeast and th
for you. as we go down to d.c. this is penn and 14th street. d.c., good morning. your roadways are great. new york avenue has already reopened, and you are having a great commute so far. as we head down to 66, i can tell you 66, both inside and outside of the beltway in both directions, your lanes are open, and you're making good time. joe and eun, back to you. >> thank you, danella. >>> an update on breaking news right now. a carjacking that shut down several roadways in northeast washington overnight. right now the streets are open again. the carjacking occurred in anne arundel county. police were looking for two suspects. we're told that they have one of the suspects in custody. >>> a man is dead after he was hit by a car while changing a tire on the beltway. the accident stopped traffic on 495 in the beltsville area for nearly an hour yesterday. police say the man was struck just below the flyover ramp for i-95. that caused a chain reaction crash. all together, five people were taken to the hospital. two of them were children. police aren't releasing any of their conditions at this p
:00. >>> the news edge working several stories across d.c., maryland and virginia. on deck tonight a father saves his young boy from a kidnapper at a best buy. international drug traffickers at dulles airport and the story behind d.c.'s brand-new official drink. we begin with an update on a horrific attack, a chemical thrown on a mother and her child, both burned, but they recovered and now another arrest has been made and we are hearing from the victim for the first time. fox 5's roz plater spoke to her today. >> investigators say the chemical used in that attack was so strong it destroyed the interior of the victim's car, but as you'll see for yourself tonight, it did not burn the spirit of the young mother and her daughter. >> i had a burn here and here. >> reporter: her physical scars are mostly gone, but some of the emotional ones remain. >> i do get to points where i can't sleep at night sometimes. i constantly think about it. i try to put it farthest from my mind as i, can but you don't forget it. i can't forget. >> reporter: her nightmare began 7:00 the night of march 29th last year. katr
. it is not clear if the people in the helicopter were civilians or members of the military. alison? >>> d.c. mayor vincent gray is beaming up with virginia governor bob mcdonnell in support of an above-ground rail situation at dulles. >> now there is a compromise on the table, from the u.s. transportation secretary but is trying to get everybody to really needs in the middle and so far, nobody is saying anything. the pressure is on. , another big name changes when it comes to where to build they will metro stop at dulles airport. -- where to build the metro stop. in the meantime u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood is trying to find a compromise to the rail debacle. local officials allocate the money to pay for it all. the $5 billion project is one of the most expensive construction projects in the country. >> having that discussion and dialogue is important. that is what would be needed to make a good decision. >> the compromise includes stripping several elements of the project from we note -- the mwaa control. >> i think you can save money and built above ground, i think that makes more sen
where d.c. goes to get away. maybe it's because washington d.c. loves the legendary coasters. or that your entire family will have fun, even the little ones. it could be that water country usa has more of the waves, slides and rides everyone wants. so plan your getaway and come play. you never know who you'll run into. get started at >>> 5:10 on this friday morning. a warm and humid start to the day. and it's only going to get worse as we move through the morning and afternoon. 80 degrees at reagan national airport, 73 in gaithersburg. annapolis maryland at 82. it feels like the upper 80's for most of the area to the east of the potomac. the district and annapolis a warm start. the heat advisory at 11:00 this morning until 9:00 tonight. that includes the entire metro area. the heat index readings will exceed 105 degrees. i would not be surprised if some areas had heat index readings around 109-110. we could break some records at the local airports. there is relief from the heat and humidity on the way. there's a weak cold
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